The Custodial Chapter of Bolivia

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The 7th Ordinary Custodial Chapter of the Custody of St. Francis of Assisi in Bolivia was held in two parts. The first part was from November 17 to 21, while the second session was December 15-19, 2008. Both sessions were held in Cochabamba.

Friar Antonio PYTLIK was re-elected as Custos, and the new Definitory is a follows:
- Friar Marcos Krupa (Custodial Vicar)
- Friar Ronald Armijo (Secretary of the Custody)
- Friar Juan Kukula (Definitor)

Several Friars from other parts of the world joined the capitulars for the first session:
- Friar Jorge Fernández (Assistant General for FALC)
- Friar Jarosław Zachariasz (Minister Provincial of Krakow)
- Friar Carlos Trovarelli (Minister Provincial of Argentina – Uruguay)
- Friar Pacifico Swierczek (Assistant for Mission Animation for the Province of Krakow)
- Friar Gregorio Adamczyk (Representative from the Delegation of Paraguay)

During the second session, the four year plan of the Custody was decided upon, as well as the election of new Guardians, Rectors, and Presidents of the Commissions:
- Friar Claudio Peredo (Master of Postulants)
- Friar Marcos Krupa (Guardian of the Friary at Santa Cruz and M.I. Assistant)
- Friar Juan Andrés Pasuit (Guardian of the Friary at Ivirgarzama)
- Friar Boguslaw Czurylo (Guardian of the Friary at Sucre)
- Friar Juan Kukla (Guardian of the Friary at Montero and President of the Pastoral Commission)
- Friar Dario Mazurek (Guardian of the Friary at Quintanilla-Cochabamba and President of the Permanent Formation Commission)
- Friar Wilson Sejas (Custodial Treasurer and President of the Fianance Commission)
- Friar Ronald Armiljo (Novice Master and JUFRA and SFO Assistant)
- Friar Eylen Salazar (Guardian of the Friary and Post Novitiate at Chacacollo-Cochabamba, and President of the Initial Formation Commission)

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