The First European Assembly for Provincial Secretaries for Mission Animation

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The first meeting for Provincial Secretaries for Mission Animation from the jurisdictions of CEC, CEO and CIMP, was held from November 10-15, 2008 at Mariapoli in Prague, Czech Republic.

A presentation was given by the President of CEO, Friar Lucjan Bogucki, and also present was Friar Antonio Renzini, delegate for the missions from the Provinces of CIMP. The meeting, at which were present Friar Jarosław Wysoczański, General Secretary for Mission Animation, and the vice-secretary, Friar Luciano Marini, dealt with mission animation in Europe, and the situation of missions affiliated with the European jurisdictions. Useful information was gathered to help in the development of a Directory for Missions for the Order.

The meeting ended with an proposal inviting all the Ministers, General and Provincial, to promote a more incisive mission animation, and a more aggressive promotion of all the Friars that will be part of our religious family in the future, through encouragement, formation, and support of vocations for our missions.