Assembly of the Austrian Delegation

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On November 5, 2008, a gathering of all the Friars of the Austrian Delegation for a day of continuing formation was held in Vienna.

Leading the conference was Friar Francisco Bustillo, Custos of France, who presented a project of his Custody, which was helpful as a foundation for the development of a plan for the Austrian Delegation. The basis for the draft, prepared some days earlier by Friars Bernhard Lang and Tomasz Zegan, with the help of the General Delegate, Friar Christian Fichtinger and of the Assistant General, Friar Miljenko Hontić, was the ongoing reflection on the significance of the life and presence of the Friars in Austria. The Friars reflected upon and discussed different realities from this perspective, and also gave some consideration to the new statute proposed for General Delegations. It was decided that this project, as well as the statute would be distributed to all the Friars for further study, bringing any suggestions or corrections with them when they will meet again in Vienna on November 24.