Meeting of CEC, CEO, and CIMP on the Topic: "Formation For Mission In Europe"

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The 1st meeting of Ministers Provincial, Custodes, General and Provincial Delegates, and Formators of the three European Conferences (CEC, CEO, CIMP) was held October 20 -25, 2008 in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

The meeting, in which the Minister General with his Definitory participated, had the aim of fostering mutual knowledge among the Ministers, Custodes, Delegates and Formators of the three Conferences. It also aimed to reflect upon the theme chosen by the order for its six-year plan, that is, “Formation for mission in Europe”. The particular situation in Europe, in the grasp of secularism, and its vocational crisis, diffused more or less throughout Europe, was the basic concern of the meeting.

The meeting consisted of time dedicated to the Word of God, Lectio Divina, community prayer and reports of the three Conferences, with several discussions, small group work, and the experience of fraternity.

Particularly significant was the site of the meeting, which gave to the participants an opportunity to have a small experience of “pilgrimage” as a useful reminder that one’s life, like the course of formation, is a journey which endures till the end.