Meeting of the General Definitory and the Federation FAAMC

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The meeting of the Minister General with his Definitory and the members of the Federation FAAMC was held from September 9-11, 2008 at the retreat house of the Dominican Friars in Caleruega, Batanga, Philippines.

Participating were representatives of the various jurisdictions and presences of the Order in Asia and Australia: the Provincials of Japan, Korea, and India, the General Custos of Australia, the Provincial Custodes of Indonesia and the Philippines, and representatives of the Conventual presence in Vietnam and China.

The fraternal and profitable meeting had the goal of increasing the rapport and mutual awareness between the Ministers of the various jurisdictions with the General Definitory and to plan some common initiatives for the Federation.

The meeting began with a brief presentation on the Catholic Church in Asia and Australia, with particular reference to the Church in the Philippines, given by Divine Word Missionary, Father Franz-Joseph Eilers, and continued with a presentation by each of the jurisdictions and presences of the Order within the Federation, noting realities, lights, shadows, and giving ample time to ongoing needs and dreams. Finally, the possibilities of developing specific initiatives and cooperation was looked at among jurisdictions so geographically and culturally distant from one another.

Particular attention was given, thanks to the emphasis made by the Minister General in many of his comments, to zero in on and encourage the “Friars of the East” in the stabilizing and sharing of their missionary outreach, and the enculturation  of the Conventual Franciscan Charism as a gift to the local Church and to the greater family of the Order.

The General Treasurer of the Order, as requested by the Minister General, met with the treasurers of the jurisdictions of FAAMC on September 12 and 13.

Present were the treasurers from the Provinces of Japan and Korea, and of the Custodies of Indonesia and the Philippines. During the meeting the General Treasurer was able to present the general economic situation of the Order, and the position of the Order with respect to several aspects: the legal representative of a jurisdiction; the economic solidarity within the Order; the procedures to follow when making requests and financial reports to the General Curia; the new format, presently being studied, for the presentation of financial reports of  jurisdictions to Chapters and to the government of the Order.

It is the hope of the Minister General that this meeting, the first if its kind for FAAMC,  will be the kind of meeting held with each of the Conferences and Federations during a six year term.